Right Around the Corner

Baseball season – I can smell it. The fresh cut grass, the cracker jax, the hot dogs and the ice cold beer. Everything associated with baseball brings a smile to my face. Living in New England is tough, especially in the winter. Especially this winter. The Patriots’ disappointing loss in the AFC Championship has made me hope that baseball season could come quicker.

Just today, I read that Hanley Ramirez reported early to Red Sox training camp. Wait, did I just say Hanley Ramirez reported early to camp? Yes. Apparently HanRam can’t wait for baseball to start either. Us Red Sox fans hope to God that Hanley can be the guy we hoped he would be. The guy who completely raked for the first month of the season sure did get our hopes up. Boy did that change quickly. Ok, enough talk about last year. Onto this year.

I want to make it clear that I am not just a Red Sox fan. My buddy and I decided to start this blog because we are avid baseball fans, or in other words, baseball nerds. Throughout the course of the season we will be blogging about all things baseball. Even fantasy baseball. We hope to share with you the love we have for this beautiful game.

How about that Corey Dickerson deal? Or Aroldis Chapman now in the ‘pen for the Yankees? Or Todd Frazier to the White Sox? All of these offseason moves has gotten me so very excited for the 2016 baseball season. After all, it is right around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Right Around the Corner

  1. Hanley did in fact show up to spring training 5 days earlier than position players were supposed to so he can begin work at his new position… But he was missing one important thing: his glove! You read that right, HanRam showed up to Fort Myers and didn’t even pack a first baseman’s mitt. What are we supposed to think of this?

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