The Red Sox Need Help

I think the title says it all. The Red Sox finally hit today. But, for some godforsaken reason Doug Fister was on the mound so the Sox chances of winning were pretty slim to begin with. Pedroia came through with a big dong to bring us within striking distance but that wasn’t enough. Osuna is a beast for the Jays and he shut the door in the ninth.

The Sox split with the Blue Jays. On the surface, that looks fine but it’s really not a good look. The Sox now go out West to face the Angels, a scrappy team, and now Trout is back, so a little less scrappy. Thankfully, Sale is pitching tomorrow but weird enough, that doesn’t guarantee a win because the Sox offense is so volatile. 

It’s been said countless times that the Sox need a bat, particularly at 3B. I say either trade for Machado or bring up Devers in the near future. The Sox would not beat the Astros in a potential ALCS matchup, nor am I confident that they’d even make it to the ALCS.

I think the Indians are still a team to look out for. They’ve had injury issues all year with their whole team, but with a full squad and an Edwin of old, I think they could be very tough to beat.  I just do not trust this Sox team, and I don’t think I can until their whole team is firing on all cylinders. That can’t be done until the pitching (including the bullpen) and hitting shape up, and not just for one game here and one game there.